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Lor'dan the dragon is a fierce and ruthless creature, feared by all who know of him.... He can be found in the ancient fortress ruin deep in the mountains, surrounded by a hoard of gold and treasures he has taken. The fortress is a symbol of his power, a constant reminder of the destruction he has wrought.

A thirst for riches that knows no bounds, sparing no one, slaughtering without mercy.

The fortress, once a grand and majestic place, is now a twisted and corrupt ruin, reflecting Lor'dan’s twisted soul with the piles of evil gold he has collected.

Do you have what it takes to take on the mighty Lor'dan?

★Lor'Dan Sizes

Size: Small
Overall Length : 7.9in / 200mm
Insertable Length : 6.5in / 165mm
Circumference near base : 6.7in / 170mm
Circumference at mid point : 6.7in / 170mm
Circumference at tip : 3.74in / 95mm

Size: Medium
Overall Length : 9.5in / 246mm
Insertable Length : 8in / 203mm
Circumference near base : 8.3in / 210mm
Circumference at mid point : 7.9in / 200mm
Circumference at tip : 5.1in / 130mm

Size: Large
Overall Length : 11.8in / 300mm
Insertable Length : 10in / 254mm
Circumference near base : 9.65in / 245mm
Circumference at mid point : 9.25in / 235mm
Circumference at tip : 5.9in / 150mm


Made 100% Platinum SIlicone

Soft Firmness : Shore Hardness 0050

Extra Soft : Shore Hardness 0030


Items are despatched in 10 working days of your order.


Care Instructions

A wash with warm soapy water will keep your Odyssey toy nice and clean.

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Customer Reviews

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Gorgeous colour and sculpt

The signature colour is so beautiful, the deep mix of reds looks amazing graduating into the black, the highlights of the details on the base is just gorgeous. The colour works so well with the sculpt, which of course, most importantly feels great. Being smooth I went for medium firmness which works really well for my preference, the curve and knot are so well placed and feel really good. I also opted for a suction cup, which to my surprise came with the same black and red gradient, which was a very nice touch. It was packaged so well and the customer service was very friendly and prompt with all my questions :)