Shipping Info

Greetings Brave Adventurers! 

Our scouts can take up to 30 days to find your creature, it is often less though with most scouts arriving in as little as 2 weeks! Once your creature has been found your tools will be despatched swiftly!

So while we wait it's advised that you familiarise yourself with our methods of delivery...

Royal Messengers (Royal Mail)

Delivering throughout the fine lands of Great Britain and Europe, they nimbly move by foot so not to be detected. Not in? Our messengers will leave you a discreet note leading to a secret location where your package can be collected.

Diligent Horseback Logistics (DHL)

With the power of 160 horses, this is our swiftest of deliveries when lands are far afield, such as America. These horseback messengers will send paper of electric to your handheld mailbox to ensure you know when the creatures will arrive. Alas, ensure to have your magic pen at the ready as an autograph will be required from our speedy horse back riders!

Missed a Delivery?

If you find your self drunken, laying in a pig pen and have missed your delivery, don't worry. Simply send a message to your deliverer and they will assist you.

Need it sooner? 

Should you need your order by a certain date for a special occasion, please do let us know and we will do our best to accommodate!