Colour Guide

Surprise Me - This option lets us get creative and pick a beautiful colour for you, most often a single colour, or sometimes a marble or highlight. 

Single Colour - This option allows you to pick your own colour fantasy sex toy and can allow you to make it match your favourite colour! (Pastel colours work great to show all the details off in a single colour selection as they are flatter and not pearlescent) 

Two Colour Marble - A mix and marble of your two picked colours, this creates a beautiful and unique marble effect pattern across the design. No two will ever come out the same, so it really can be a statement piece! 

Surprise Me Two Colour - Our own personal favourite colour combinations or a two colour art experiment! This could be a Two colour Marble, or a Custom Highlight. 

Fade (Dildos only) - A gradual blend of two colors that smoothly merge into each other, with one hue gradually fading as it transitions into the other, creating a gentle shift from one color to the next.

Please note: Colour 1 will be the tip/top of the product and Colour 2 will be the base/bottom half. 

Highlight - Our latest addition and one we really love, our Custom Highlight option allows you to pick a colour that we then highlight the whole design with, and then fill with your secondary/backing colour, this really brings out all the details of the design and creates beautiful pieces. 
Some things to consider when picking highlight colours : 

- Use a lighter highlight colour or a UV colour

- Use colours that are opposites on the color wheel (Purple and Green etc) for high contrast or similar (Pink and Purple) for a lower contrast of colour, whilst still bringing out the details. 

- Lighter colours work better on top.  

Signature - And of course, last but not least our Signature Pour... This is our way of bringing each design to life, to show off each and every aspect of the design, highlighting the different areas of the toy with different colours to give it that Odyssey Signature look we are well known for!