Firmness Guide


Each of our fantasy sex toys can be fully customised to suit your preferences, you start by selecting your size and then firmness.

Fantasy Sex Toy Firmness is often a personal preference, but we have this handy guide to help you along the way;


Medium Firmness – Shore hardness 10A – this has a little squish to it, and is much firmer than our soft or extra soft. These toys will stand up by themselves and are easier to insert but the firmer the toy the more intense the texture will feel.

Soft Firmness (Our most popular) – Shore hardness 00.50 – This has a good amount of squish to it, and is the popular firmness we have and that for many indie fantasy sex toy companies. Being softer than our medium it is less intense and moves with the body nicely, while still being easy to insert.

Extra Soft Firmness – Shore hardness 00.30 – This has a lot of squish to it, and is excellent for highly textured or very long and large sex toys, being much more forgiving and allowing the body to compress it much more easily. Sex toys in this firmness will generally not stand by themselves.