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Xan Sheath

Xan Sheath

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Set your Phasers on full the Xan Sheath is ready to dock into your space station!

This essential addition has been designed inspired by our popular Xan Dildo, featuring an externally ribbed exoskeleton, alien vein detail and a pronounced ribbed head, offering waves of otherworldly pleasure.

The Xan sheath is open ended to maximise both partner's pleasure for the ultimate fantasy experience.

This sheath can also be used to customise your favourite dildo, giving it additional texture. Simply apply a small amount of lube to your dildo and the inside of the sheath, Slide it over and Enjoy!

Our sheath is designed as a one size fits most, see the dimensions listed to ensure the fit is right for you.

Size Gide

Size (one size fits most) :
Overall Length : 5in / 127mm
Circumference near tip : 5.9in /150mm
Circumference of shaft : 5.9in /150mm
Internal Diameter : 1.25in / 32mm

Colour Customisation

Your toy will be hand poured so you will always receive a one of a kind product.

We have 3 different options for colour customisation:

-Surprise Me - We got you covered, your colour decision in our capable hands and we will create something that you will love.

- 1 Colour Solid - A single colour

-2 Colour Marble - Choose 2 colours and we will mix and marble the colour together in your toy for a truly one of a kind toy.

Firmness Gide

We offer 2 firmness options:

Soft Firmness
- Shore 00.50
Extra Soft
- Shore 00.30

Why Platinum Silicone

Platinum Silicone not only looks and feels great but is also body safe, hypoallergenic, doesn’t smell and super easy to clean.


100% discreetly packaged, so you can be sure that only you will know what’s inside the package for perfect peace of mind.

Custom made products are made and shipped in 10 working days.

Care Instructions

A wash with warm soapy water will keep your Odyssey toy nice and clean.

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Feel it...

Open ended to maximise both partners’ pleasure.

Textured Shaft

An Externally Ribbed Exoskeleton for maximum pleasure...


The Ribbed texture intensifies towards the base for a more intense Vaginal/Clitoral stimulation as you push the sheath further in...

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Detailed texture is really impressive

First off,this is our first purchase from odyssey but we own roughly 35 platinum cure toys,
Presentation was lovely! Sealed packet inside the box, little gifts and welcoming leaflets! Utter joy
the fit internally is great for average plus length, and a lil above average girth. Texture inside is less prominent than others we have but is still really great fun.
The external textures are really stimulating although this sheath isn’t girthy, the walls are strong but could’ve been a bit thicker to add girth but that’s preference!
We love the uv effect from the pixie cheeks pink colour! And the reef water is sparkly in the day, overall the sheath is an excellent high quality addition to our collection if we could suggest anything it would be to expand the size options of external and maybe internal sizes to accommodate all ,
We adore the detailed design and will be adding to the odyssey shelf !!

Andrew Reez

Both my wife and I love it. It’s a fun toy we’ve added to the mix. Each time we use it it’s a surprise to her and I love watching her reaction. It’ pleasurable for both of us and gives me a sense of confidence. The sheath is thoughtfully made, provides pleasure to both and stimulates all areas in different ways than other toys. Highly recommend. The balls hole could be bigger but we figured it out.


(Written from the female perspective) I loved the expanding feeling of when the entrance to my vagina was stretched. The different hmmm, knots? on it felt great cz depending how little or far in he was that expanding feeling at the entrance would be felt again and again. The textures, omg the textures! I’d never felt that. Incredible. I felt very full but not painfully so. And I could feel the different textures around the whole circumference of inside my vagina.
Downside to it… his penis was longer than the sheath and the sheath would move back and forth along his shaft. It rubbed his frenulum area, not raw, there wasn’t any open/raw spots, but it was very red, irritated, and extremely painful especially his urethra. He felt much better the next morning. We weren’t sober at the time, so maybe he wasn’t fully able to be aware of his body. He wants to try again while sober. If it still causes a problem, we were thinking of using something as a buffer. Like a not-too-tight cock ring, or those Ohnut rings. But to maybe use them at the base of his penis (or maybe the top?) to prevent the sheath from moving and causing friction. If that doesn’t work, I’d use the sheath on a dildo, or try the Xan dildo which looks to have similar textures. So, still learning by trial and error. I went with the extra soft firmness as I didn’t want it to be potentially too restrictive on him. Great quality, feeling, and colors. Will definitely be recommending these toys to my friends, and can’t wait to try more of your products.

Great Fit and Feel - Looks Stunning

This is a marvelous, handmade sheath. The fit is perfect, with the material really following and enhancing the body.