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Tentacle Drool Gag

Tentacle Drool Gag

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Enhance your Odyssey experience with our Fantasy Tentacle Drool Gag. This kinky addition has been designed to enhance your play and offer you the ultimate, messy experience!

We have taken the traditional round smooth ball and given it a beautiful spiralling tentacle texture and shape with a particular purpose in create more uncontrollable drool!

The spiral texture encourages saliva to run freely from the mouth. The shape means more drool than a traditional ball gag and also makes it more difficult to try and suck the drool back in your mouth!

All in all, this is one messy, hot, and sexy ball gag experience!

The ball is made from platinum silicone and mounted on a stunning strap crafted from soft, durable leather made for us by the amazing Leather Delights!

The ball is soft and squishy, which means it allows you to still flex your mouth, preventing the dreaded jaw ache from happening too quickly. The strap is attached using a simple buckle system that does up at the back of the head, and with a variety of different holes punched into it, it will fit almost any size head. Through the centre of the ball runs a strip of rubber that is attached via pop studs to a D-ring on each side of the leather strap.


The Ballgag comes in one size.

The ball diameter - 4cm (1.5inches)
The ball circumference - 14.2cm (5.5inches)
The strap length (end to end) - 60cm (23.5inches)


Made 100% Platinum SIlicone

Soft Firmness : Shore Hardness 0050

Extra Soft : Shore Hardness 0030


Items are despatched in 10 working days of your order.


Care Instructions

A wash with warm soapy water will keep your Odyssey toy nice and clean.

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