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Lycan sheath

Lycan sheath

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Make your partner howl at the Moon with our Lycan Knotted Werewolf Sheath. This essential addition has been designed inspired by our popular Lycan Knotted Dildo, featuring light vein detail, a stretching knot and ball strap to keep it in place. This sheath is open ended to maximise both partners pleasure, and allows the wearer to ejaculated inside their partner for the ultimate fantasy experience.

This sheath can also be used to customise your favourite dildo, giving it additional texture and the pleasing stretch of a knot. Simply apply a small amount of lube to your dildo and the inside of the sheath, Slide it over and Enjoy!

Our sheath is designed as a one size fits all, see the dimensions listed to ensure the fit is right for you.


The story of Lycan once known as Peter, dates back to Switzerland in the 17th Century, where he watched his father being torn limb from limb in the Werewolf Trials, having only narrowly escaped himself he has vowed to exact his revenge on humankind until the day he dies, by any means nessecary.

Size Gide

Size (one size fits most) :
Overall Length : 5in / 127mm
Circumference near tip : 5.7in / 144mm
Circumference at knot : 7.7in / 195mm
Circumference at base : 6.6in / 167mm
Internal Circumference : 3.9in / 99mm
Internal Diameter : 1.25in / 32mm

Colour Customisation

Your toy will be hand poured so you will always receive a one of a kind product.

We have 3 different options for colour customisation:

-Surprise Me - We got you covered, your colour decision in our capable hands and we will create something that you will love.

- 1 Colour Solid - A single colour

-2 Colour Marble - Choose 2 colours and we will mix and marble the colour together in your toy for a truly one of a kind toy.

Firmness Gide

We offer 2 firmness options:

Soft Firmness
- Shore 00.50
Extra Soft
- Shore 00.30

Why Platinum Silicone

Platinum Silicone not only looks and feels great but is also body safe, hypoallergenic, doesn’t smell and super easy to clean.


100% discreetly packaged, so you can be sure that only you will know what’s inside the package for perfect peace of mind.

Custom made products are made and shipped in 10 working days.

Care Instructions

A wash with warm soapy water will keep your Odyssey toy nice and clean.

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Feel it...

Open ended to maximise both partners pleasure.

Large knot

Make them howl with pleasure as you insert this large base knot.

Secure ball loop

Keep your knot in place with the ball loop as you go wild.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Great fit and works wonders.

Really well made. Slightly on the tight side but feels great for my partner when used with xlube.

Wow, just wow

I knew I was going to like this..... but I didn't KNOW I'd like it this much. The size is Perfect for me. Not sure how that worked out, maybe that doesn't matter.

Also wife approves! 😍

Fun, but too long

While the girth and everything else is right, it is too long. It could stand to be an inch, to an inch and a half shorter, and I feel it would be perfect. Call it a "mini" size for us smaller endowed guys